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LED lighting is the lighting of the future. All future lighting will be super efficient and long lasting LED's. Join the lighting revolution now with Todae, Australia's leading LED Lighting specialists and save up to 90% on your lighting costs.

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DR700 - the LED Downlight Revolution

DR700 The Downlight Revolution

The DR700 is an amazing innovation in LED lighting which can replace any standard 50 watt halogen downlight globe and provide 1:1 light! Simply remove your halogens and replace with the DR700. It is that easy to install the DR700! The Brightgreen DR700 is an LED bulb with a total light output of 720 lumens, the same as the average 50 watt halogen bulb, it is universally dimmable and works with all transformers. The DR700 LED will do everything your old halogens did but use only 10.5 watts compared to 50 watts. The DR700 is a breakthrough in LED technology as it allows you to swap all your old energy hungry halogen bulbs over to efficient LED's simply by swapping the bulb.

Start making a positive contribution to the environment while saving on your power consumption with the DR700. The DR700 is compatible with most dimmers and transformers on the Australian market. Buy one today and try for yourself! No risk with our 30 day money back guarantee.

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The Todae Starlux LED downlight is a cost effective way to start reducing your carbon footprint and saving on your power bills, it uses approximately 10% of the energy of a 50 watt halogen downlight so can save you up to 90% of your lighting costs. The Todae Starlux LED emits a similar amount of the light to a standard 50 watt halogen globe and can be fitted in seconds, meaning energy savings are easier to make than ever!

The Todae Starlux LED only cost $29.95 and with the reduction in your energy bill it generally pays itself off in 1-2 years. So start saving the environment and money today with the Starlux LED downlight.

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7607 LED Downlight

7607 LED Downlight

The Todae 7607 LED Downlight is one of the brightest LED halogen downlight replacement. Take out the halogen and put in a 7607 LED Downlight. The fit is the same but the savings are very different. The 7607 LED Downlight only uses about 10% of the energy and heat output. Which means you save around 90% on your lighting bill. The 7607 6.5w 12v MR16 LED Downlight is one of the most powerful LED light on the market outputting about 75% of a 50w halogen. The Todae 7607 LED Downlight is suitable for most rooms around the house.

The 7607's 50,000 hours lifespan makes it last 50 times longer than a halogen. And instead of the harsh lighting, 7607 LED Downlight bathes the room in a calm white glow, as well as emitting less carbon into the environment. It’s really no exaggeration to say that the economical and ecological savings are quite astronomical.

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LED Lights - The Future of Lighting

Lighting contributes about 30% to the average Australian household energy bill. Most traditional lighting is inefficient, costly and emits excessive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. LED lights are an ideal alternative to traditional lights such as incandescents, downlights and outdoor lighting and Todae can tailor to all of your LED lighting needs.