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Halogens contribute over 30% to your electricity bill. Halogens are 12v MR16 lighting that is installed in roofs. Halogens generally use 50 watts plus a transformer (uses between 10-15 watts). So each halogen light uses about 65 watts of power. Find the perfect downlight with our comparison guide:

DR700 Downlight Starlux 6MR16 Galaxy 6.5w MR16 20w Halogen MR16 35w Halogen MR16 CFL 11w GU10
DR700 Downlight Starlux 6MR16 Galaxy 6.5w MR16 20w Halogen MR16 35w Halogen MR16 CFL 11w GU10
Ease of Installation
Initial Cost
Energy Savings
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Lifespan 70,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 5,000 hours 1,000 hours 10,000 hours
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Why Change My Halogens?

Halogen downlights contribute significantly to your energy bill. In the past a 100 watt incandescent globe was used to provide light for a standard room, now we are using at least 4 halogen downlights which equates to 220 watts to light a room instead of 100 watts. Halogen downlights are the epitome of modern interior design but not only are they extremely in-efficient but they are a fire risk.

Imagine a toaster in your roof – that's exactly what a halogen is. Halogens create heat and as a by-product create light. Halogens can get up to 370 degrees Celsius and pose a significant fire risk especially if there is insulation on top of them. Halogens are a common cause of household fires.

Simply replacing your halogens can reduce your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

There are plenty of easy to do solutions to replace halogens and save money, reduce your household emissions and reduce the risk of fire.

Our energy efficient downlight replacements can be used in conjunction with each other to provide optimum light levels and energy/carbon reduction. For example, you could use LED Downlights in areas where lighting is used most frequently e.g. kitchen, CFL Downlights in hallways and Efficient Halogens in bedrooms.

Energy Efficient Halogens:

There are energy efficient versions of halogens available. These alternatives fit straight into your current halogen fittings (12v MR16) so they are easy to install. The lower the wattage means the more efficient the halogen is and less heat it produces. Todae has a range of energy efficient halogens:

  • 20w 36 Degree Energy Efficient Halogen: Easy drop in replacement to 50w halogens and provide around 80% of the light output while only using 40% of the energy. With a narrower beam these are ideal for areas where direct light is needed i.e. bathroom sink. These are the most cost effective halogen replacements.
  • 20w 60 Degree Energy Efficient Halogen: Same as the above light using only 40% of the energy but providing 80% of the light output. Have a 60 degree beam angle so they are suitable for areas where more dispersed light is needed i.e. lounge room.
  • 35w 60 Degree Super Efficient Halogen: Provide 1:1 light as a 50w halogen while saving you 30% on your lighting bill. Simply remove your old halogens and replace with these energy saving downlights. These are ideal if a substantial amount of light is needed.

Click to see our range of 12v energy efficient halogens.

LED Down Lights:

LED downlight use are extremely energy efficient and long lasting LED's. LED downlights create less heat than traditional lights, which means they last for longer (up to 50 times longer) and it means your air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard. LED downlights are a relatively new technology and can help you save up to 90% on your lighting cost. Todae has Australia's leading range of LED Downlights:

  • 6w StarLux LED Downlight: The StarLux LED Down Light is the brightest LED halogen downlight replacement. It fits straight into your current fittings but only uses about 10% of the energy and heat output, which means you save around 90% on your lighting bill.
  • 6.5w Galaxy LED Downlight: The most powerful LED halogen replacement is suitable for all lighting applications. This top of the range LED is perfect for replacing halogens all round the house and lasts for an amazing 50, 000 hours.
  • 5w Zeon LED Downlight: Simple to install and provides around 75-80% of the light from a 50w halogen while saving you 90% on your lighting bill. The Zeon is a great alternative for where more dispersed light is needed i.e. lounge room.
  • 5w Nova LED Downlight: The Nova 5w LED Down Light is perfect for areas where direct light is needed. The 12v MR16 Nova's direct beam provides ample lighting for kitchen benchtops, bathroom sinks and desks. It is perfect to replace halogen downlights in these areas.

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Energy Efficient Transformers:

All 12v Downlights need a transformer with traditional transformers using between 10 - 15 watts. There are energy efficient alternatives available:

  • Possum Transformer: This transformer only uses 4 watts as opposed to 10 – 15 watts from traditional transformers and is suitable for energy efficient halogens.
  • Redback Transformer: Ideal for LED lighting, this transformer only uses 2 watts and can handle up to 8 LED Downlights per transformer.

Click to see our range of Transformers.

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Downlights:

CFL Downlights are a great halogen alternative as they use significantly less energy and create less carbon emissions. CFL Downlights create the same warm white glow as halogens and can provide 1:1 light. CFL’s generally take about 1 minute to get to full brightness and have a wider beam angle than halogens. CFL Downlights generally run on 240v GU10 fittings which means you will have to replace your fittings:

  • 11w Low Energy CFL Downlight: By replacing your halogens with 240V you save energy as you do not have to use a transformer. The 11w CFL downlight gives 1:1 lighting but provides a wider beam angle. The light saves you around 80% on your lighting bill.
  • 11w Low Energy Dimmable CFL Downlight: The 11w CFL Dimmable downlight gives 1:1 lighting but provides a wider beam angle. The light is also dimmable via smooth dimming making it suitable for living areas where variable light is needed. The light saves you around 80% on your lighting bill.
  • 9w Low Energy CFL Downlight: The 9w Compact Fluorescent Down Light uses less than 18% of the energy of a halogen downlight while giving you around 85-90% of the light output. Lasting for 15,000 this light is suitable for most rooms around the house, where lower levels of light is needed e.g. hallways.
  • 240v GU10 Downlight Converter: This kit allows you to replace your 12v lighting with 240v lighting so you do not need to use a transformer.

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Downlight Covers:

By giving halogens space to dissipate heat the risk of fire reduces significantly. Downlight covers can be easily installed and are relatively cheap. Try our Isolite Downlight covers

Where Can I Get More Information?

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