LED Lighting Guide

LED lighting
are lights which use light emitting diodes (LED's) which are extremely energy efficient and long lasting.
LED lights
create less heat than traditional lights, which means they last for longer and it means your air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard. LED lights are a relatively new technology and can help you save up to 90% on your lighting cost.

See our downlight comparison guide - the easiest way to choose which lights to replace your halogens - click here.

Looking To Replace Your Halogens?

Click on the image below to see our downlights comparison guide - The easiest way to choose which downlights to replace your halogens.

Why is Everyone Talking About LED Lighting?

Lighting contributes about 30% to the average Australian households energy bills, so it makes up an important part of the electricity you are paying for. Most lighting today is inefficient and is costing you money and emitting vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In Australia lighting represents about 12% of carbon emissions from househoulds and about 25% from businesses. LED lights are a great energy efficient alternative and they can save you money and help reduce your impact on the environment.

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LED Lighting

Downlight Replacements

Types Of LED Lights:

LED lighting comes in a variety of types, shapes and sizes to meet your lighting needs. Energy efficient and long lasting, LED lights are a great eco alternative to traditional globes and downlights. For more information please click on the links below:

LED Downlights

LED Lighting is the most efficient lighting to replace halogen downlights. We have Australia's leading range of LED Downlights. LED Downlights last up to 50 times longer than a halogen and use only about 10% of the energy. LED Downlights are suitable to replace most low voltage lighting halogens. more

LED Globes

There are LED replacements for traditional globes including incandescent lighting. You simply replace your old lighting with energy efficient LED globes and save energy and money. We have a range of LED globes to replace incandescent and spot lighting. more

LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting is a extremely efficient and suitable for almost every room. The LED Strip Lighting is both aesthetic and functional, perfect to create that comfortable atmosphere. You'll save energy and money by installing long life LED strip lighting as it has an extremely low power consumption - less than 18 watt per 6 meter length. more

LED Downlight Replacements for Halogens?

Your average 12v 50w halogen turns 90% of the electricity it uses into heat and only 10% into light. This means that halogen downlights are extremely inefficient. Halogens also use transformers which themselves use between 10w & 15w, so your standard halogen is using about 60 watts. Many people believe that Halogen lights are very energy efficient because they are often referred to as “low voltage lighting”. Although they are low voltage (12V) this doesn’t mean they consume less electricity. The coil inside the globe gets so hot the it glows, and that is what creates the light. You can think of Halogens as little toasters in your roof, burning up energy. Halogens can be a fire hazard because they get so hot, and they will also make your air conditioner work harder (which uses more electricity and costs you more).

We have a range of LED Downlights to replace energy hungry halogens. LED Downlights last between 20 and 50 times longer than traditional halogens (LED's lasting for 50,000 hours would last for an amazing 24 years, if used for 6hrs/day 365 days a year). LED Downlights use only around 10% of the power of halogens and provide up to 85% of the light output.

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Can I Use LED Lighting in my Old Fittings?

LED lights are designed to replace your existing lighting. This means that you can simply replace your old halogen downlights with our LED downlights or replace your old globes with our LED light globes.

So don't worry LED lighting is designed so you won't have to change anything and you can install it in seconds. Take for example the Galaxy Par 30, it fits straight into your old Par 30 fitting and you save money.

Benefits Of LED Lighting:

  • LED lights are longer lasting than traditional lighting and downlights, so you don't have to replace your lights all the time!
  • LED lighting uses less power with energy efficient lights which means they are cheaper to run.
  • LED lights will help you meet BASIX standards for efficiency in new homes.
  • Low heat means LED lights are much safer and will reduce how hard your air conditioner has to work.
  • Energy efficient lights create less carbon emissions, so they are better for the environment.
  • You don't have to sacrifice the quality of lights as energy efficient lights bathe the room in a calm warmwhite glow.
  • Due to their longer life, you need to purchase less globes/downlights which means less lights are produced and less lights go to landfill.

Where Can I Get More Information?

If you would like more information please feel free to email us or call us on 1300 138 483 and ask us any questions! Our friendly staff will happily answer any question you may have.
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