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Todae has Australia's leading range of solar panels and solar panel accessories. We stock all the major brands and models and can help you design a system perfectly suited for your needs and budget. See below for our range of industry leading solar panels. If the brand doesn't matter, see our other solar panel buying guides:

Solar Panel Buying Guide
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BP Solar Panels

Solar Power
BP Solar panels
are high quality and extremely reliable, featuring a a 25 year warranty. We stock a range of BP solar panels for every application and system. BP Solar is one of the best known and trusted solar brands as their modules balance quality, performance and value.

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Sharp Solar Panels

Solar Power
Sharp Solar panels
offer industry-leading durability, performance and reliability for a variety of electrical power requirements. We stock a range of Sharp modules suited to both small and large scale installations. Sharp's modules are the perfect combination of advanced technology and reliability.

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Sunlinq Portable Solar Panels

Solar Power
Sunlinq Portable Solar panels
are perfect for powering all your portable devices on the go including laptop, phone, iPod, and GPS. The Sunlinq modules use the latest in solar technology including thin-film photovoltaic which is lightweight, foldable and durable. These panels are fully weatherproofed, UV resistant and lightweight, and are small enough to fit into your backpack.

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SunPower Solar Panels

Solar Power
SunPower Solar panels
combine high efficiency and an attractive, uniform appearance. SunPower solar panels are designed for domestic and business large scale grid-connect solar installations. These modules deliver 50% more power per unit area than conventional solar panels. This makes SunPower modules perfect for grid-connect solar installations.

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SunTech Solar Panels

Solar Power
SunTech Solar panels
are well known as a reliable, safe and clean source of energy and they're designed for a variety of electrical requirements. SunTech modules can also be utilised in a wide variety of applications from battery carging to grid connected systems. SunTech solar panels offer value for money.

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Powerfilm Flexible Solar Panels

Solar Power
Powerfilm Flexible Solar panels
are perfect for on-the-go quick portable charging of portable devices like laptops, phones, GPS units and more. Powerfilm Portable Solar Chargers handle almost any charging need. Powerfilm Foldable Solar Panels are extremely lightweight, portable and compact. They range in size from 5W to 60W,

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Solar Panel Accessories

As well as a leading range of solar panels, we all stock a leading range of solar panel accessories. Our range will help you create your perfect solar system to suit your needs and budget. We can tailor a complete system to suit your needs. Our range includes: Solar Regulators, Solar Inverters, Solar Batteries and MC Leads. If you do not see an accessory you need on our site ask us about it because we can source many products not on our website.

Solar Regulators


Batteries & Leads

Solar Books

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